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Interview with Nathan Howard. Mild Language.

Interview with Zack Briggs.


Final Draft

I didn’t change too much from my rough draft; for any of you from my class that might see this and can relate, you do the best you can can the first time. But, from the comments I received from all my group members there definitely some changes that were needed.For example it was suggested that I play around with my colors a bit and I did, thing is, I couldn’t find another accent color that would in  my opinion compliment the overall image i was going for. This is why I went with a ligher shade of green for the contrast, this kept in line with the “Evergreen” feel.


Illustrator Rough Draft


I’m not sure if you have ever been to a Buckle retail store, but my rough draft logo looks like something you’d see on the back of an $80 t-shirt from a company that off-shores from Taiwan. But that’s okay, it’s a rough draft. My inspiration for this logo came from the original Daily Evergreen phone app logo, which is a tree. And just a tree.That part was fairly easy as it is only three triangles stacked on top of another and then united together from pathfinder.

The design of this logo is fairly easy because I am still trying to get comfortable with Illustrator. Most of it is just star shapes with different point and a few rectangles. I found some of the vector symbols to be very useful as well. One thing I wanted to do though was bring a mesh of old and new which is why I used the font (the same I used for my Photoshop final) I did for banner text.

Something else I wanted to was include a shield like shape in the background to give a sort of coat-of-arms feel to the logo. This was inspired by some of the Cascadia (independence movement) logos I have seen in the past. My hope is to bring this before some of the editors at the Daily Evergreen to at least get a conversation started about improving the existing logo. If my luck pans out, I’ll be the one designing the new logo!

Collage Final



Around the late hours of the afternoon, the Daily Evergreen editors begin the early preparations of putting together the next day’s paper. This can be anywhere from discussing the column margins, sports content, photo content/size, etc.

My earlier draft version, although not on here, did not feature the “DE” (for Daily Evergreen) . I wanted to include some traditional print news element in the and the Daily has a logo that has a similar match up but with a different font. The font itself I had to get from a website that offers many downloadable fonts for free.

I wanted to try and do something clever with my background for this collage; I didn’t want to go online and just find some stock photo or use one provided by the Daily. The font was probably the trickiest part of this project because I had to make it stand out in front of the background, which I ended up having to turn into a layer somehow. The font was pretty generic and solid black at first,  but I played around with ‘inner glow’ for bordering and added some shadowing.

I was going through some Daily’s I had picked up over the past couple weeks and found one that had just the right headline.With some positioning I got my “title” of this collage left-center. I took the photo with just my phone’s camera. The background was still pretty dull though because of the fluorescent light, I modified this with vibrance and hue/saturation.

The photos of the editing staff I took were in the Daily office and the lighting isn’t exactly ideal. I improved the photos by adjusting effects such as levels, exposure, vibrance and hue/saturation. I also added borders to all of them, they are pretty slim but I wanted to make them just big enough to stand out in the collage.

Photo Collection

The purpose of these photos is for submission requirement. All 3 were originally taken by me and may possibly be dropped and replaced for my future final project. These photos are currently my top pics for my Graphic Collage assignment. Thank you to the Daily Evergreen staff for helping me with this assignment.

DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0007

Photoshop Tutorials

Here are my finished Photoshop tutorials: