Audio Final

The most difficult part of my refining my final draft was the actual refining process. Going through twenty minutes of audio can be quite tedious. I decided to go with the more ethical discussion from my two interviews with my fellow Evergreeners. The music I used in the background is from SoundCloud creative commons, the song is called Nebula by World Beyond. I felt the ambient build up was perfect for this type of audio story, the trick was fitting it into place so it didn’t come across as cheesy.

Nathan Howard, the Managing Editor and Zack Briggs, the Former ASWSU Reporter. I felt these two gentlemen were going to be the best to interview for my subject considering their long background at the paper.

Since one of the main focuses of this over-arching project is the day-to-day challenges student newspapers face, I wanted to discuss some of the ethical challenges that come up to editors as well as some of the challenges that deadline reporters face (getting their story in within a short amount of time after an event takes place).


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