Audio Rough Draft

So for my rough draft I have conducted an interview with two people from The daily Evergreen. Nathan Howard, the Managing Editor and Zack Briggs, the Former ASWSU Reporter. I felt these two gentlemen were going to be the best to interview for my subject considering their long background at the paper.

Since one of the main focuses of this over-arching project is the day-to-day challenges student newspapers face, I wanted to discuss some of the ethical challenges that come up to editors as well as some of the challenges that deadline reporters face (getting their story in within a short amount of time after an event takes place).

One of the difficulties I ran into with this draft was interview time; I have close to 20 minutes of audio even after my editing. Another issue that I have, that I intend on resolving by the final draft is background music. I couldn’t find anything that was suitable so far that wasn’t completely cheesy but will find something fitting by the end of this section.

So far I have to say this is my favorite portion of class; I have an odd interest in scanning audio files for minor details such as overused “ums” or “like’s”. I plan on making the audio for these interview for my final draft more crisp and more colorful with music. Hopefully, I can figure out how to loop music so that I can have a more streamlined audio content for this section.


2 thoughts on “Audio Rough Draft

  1. I was hoping to see some feedback by now! Oh well, from the feedback that I got from Kit, I know that there is A LOT of improvements I can make to the final draft. The biggest is the length, I felt a little silly going to everyone else’s audio rough draft’s and seeing they were only a little over a minute long. While mine is close to 20 minutes! A little stressful thinking about it, I have a lot of editing to do. I definitely plan on adding some ambient background music into the mix. I also never thought of excluding the portions of me asking the questions. In fact, I thought it gave a more organic feel to everything. Hopefully, if you guys still get a chance to check out my blog, I am very open to feedback please!

  2. I really like how you used your interviews along in your story. Besides having to edit down your story into something a little more compact. The first interview, the person you’re interviewing kind of stuttered a couple times that you could edit. Also some of the transitions and your parts of the interviews sound a little more static as opposed to other parts and makes it less fluid. But you’re a great interviewer and I like how you wan to set up your story.

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