Illustrator Rough Draft


I’m not sure if you have ever been to a Buckle retail store, but my rough draft logo looks like something you’d see on the back of an $80 t-shirt from a company that off-shores from Taiwan. But that’s okay, it’s a rough draft. My inspiration for this logo came from the original Daily Evergreen phone app logo, which is a tree. And just a tree.That part was fairly easy as it is only three triangles stacked on top of another and then united together from pathfinder.

The design of this logo is fairly easy because I am still trying to get comfortable with Illustrator. Most of it is just star shapes with different point and a few rectangles. I found some of the vector symbols to be very useful as well. One thing I wanted to do though was bring a mesh of old and new which is why I used the font (the same I used for my Photoshop final) I did for banner text.

Something else I wanted to was include a shield like shape in the background to give a sort of coat-of-arms feel to the logo. This was inspired by some of the Cascadia (independence movement) logos I have seen in the past. My hope is to bring this before some of the editors at the Daily Evergreen to at least get a conversation started about improving the existing logo. If my luck pans out, I’ll be the one designing the new logo!


4 thoughts on “Illustrator Rough Draft

  1. Good job on the logo so far it is a great start for a draft. I really enjoy the fact that you incorporated the daily evergreen into your logo. However this is a big copy right issue that we learned last unit so be careful with adding that and claiming that this is your logo. I really like that you tried to incorporate the coat of arms idea to a logo those will never get old and they look really cool too. But in this case, yours kind of looks like a belt buckle I know your still fooling around with it but take a look at other basic coat of arms to start with, they are more like a house just upside down. Keep going with this idea though its really good I also enjoy the little scripts you put at the top and bottom maybe you could instead put your name and do something else with the tree that could help focus your logo and steer away from the copy right issue, GOOD LUCK!

  2. I think your logo is very creative. I use to work for the Daily Evergreen and I think this is a really awesome design. You might even be able to present this idea to them. However, be careful of the copyright if you are using their name and a similar tree design. I like the simplicity and the clean lines that you showed. I think the logo has great visual unity and is very cohesive. The font is a little difficult to read because if you were to make the logo smaller for business cards, stationary, or an app it would be hard to see the “e”. The coat of arms idea is great and I like how all the pieces fit together nicely.

  3. I think this logo looks really good! Although you said that it was really easy, using the star shapes and everything actually made it look extremely complex, which is good. This is one of the most creative logos I have seen from this class, I really think you captured the concept of this assignment. I would say a big issue could be the fact that its copyrighted. I would check with the guidelines we learned about copyrighting closer to the beginning of the semester. Also, I do like the font and the words that are in you logo but I would check to see how that would look more on a smaller scale, if you were to put it on a card or clothing or something, you may not be able to see the words clearly. Overall this a really creative and well put together logo.

  4. Your logo is great! It’s simple but well thought out and catches the eye. I like that it’s only black and white with the hint of green. I think adding a second color would maybe help move the viewer’s eyes around the logo itself. Be careful though because adding too much color or the wrong color I think would add a negative effect rather than a positive one. However, totally think adding color in the right way would help the logo a lot. I also think just more. It looks great but’s its so so simple. Add a few more small details. Maybe more detail in the tree or a cool background. It’s clean cut and I like that but I think you can add too it to really improve it. However, same thing as with the color, don’t add too much or you risk it turning into a negative correction. Enjoy! Have fun!

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