COM 210 Project: Functions of A Student Publication

For the next four months as a part of my COM 210 project I will be covering the functions of a student publication, The Daily Evergreen; the publication I will also be working at this semester. Having already worked at a student newspaper prior to Washington State University, I’ve seen some of the challenges that young journos face on a day to day basis. Be it finding reliable sources, editors insuring that reporters get their stories in on time or even fitting stories within the proper margins of the final product (can really be a pain sometimes).

Since this blog will be open for anyone to see, I think it could be interesting or even beneficial for others to see how journalism is done and turned into a final product by using the very methods they employ (so meta!). Throughout this semester I will be utilizing Adobe tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition and Premier. And with such you can expect me to upload collages of young journos hard at work, audio interviews with editors and reporters about what it’s like working at the paper and video of them performing their day-to-day routines; I’ll even make a new logo (but not official) for the newspaper!

Being a Journalism and Media Production major I hope to use this class assignment as an opportunity to share my love for this work with anyone willing to take a look. I personally feel that student print publications, regardless where, are grossly under appreciated. A lot of time and effort goes into running a newspaper no matter if it is student, local or metropolitan. Despite the long hours and the fact that most of us run on coffee or some source of caffeine, there’s a deep passion put into the work. It is my goal to capture that passion with this project.


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