My name is Matthew Brunstetter. I am currently a student at Olympic College (a community college) in Bremerton, Washington. I plan on transferring to a 4-year university (hopefully either Western Washington or Washington State) to major in Communications/Journalism. So far I have done some contributing work for OCs newspaper, The Olympian. I decided to start up a blog for multiple reasons. The most practical being that I believe keeping up a blog will better improve my writing. But there is something I have noticed since the beginning of the 2012 Presidential Campaign, and that is my lack of knowledge, along with my peers, in United States politics. I personally believe one of the many reasons why my peers say things such as, “I’m not voting for Romney ’cause he’s a dumbass,” is because they really know nothing about the man and what he stands for. Would Romney really have made it this far if he was not considered among his peers as intellectually above average? But that is not the only problem. I had a conversation with a friend a week ago and asked him if he knew what Bipartisanship was. He told me, “It’s when Republicans and Democrats agree on stuff.” Well, yes and no. Nothing is settled in Bipartisanship without compromise. But even then some believe that bipartisanship can obscure the line between parties making it kind of a pain for voters to choose someone. Politics are complicated and hard to understand a lot of the time. And this is what pushes America’s youth away from politics. Which led me to this idea, what if I can take political ‘jargon’/ideas and issues and put them into layman terms? Is it even possible? Can I do it effectively? I am hoping so, I feel that this can be not only useful for me but for whatever potential reader may come across this blog. But Politics wont be the only topic discussed here. I find the rise of social media fascinating and love talking about journalism. These will also be topics you expect to find on here.


One thought on “Introduction.

  1. Very good plan. I agree with your statement about the lack of political knowledge among college students and, from what I’ve witnessed, a surprisingly large number of low income families. I believe someone who could reach out to these groups would be able to accomplish good things. I hate using the word ‘things’ to describe ideas.

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